2018 left us with such great memories!During the year we asked you to share something nice that happened during the week and many of you shared with us such beautiful stories, here are some of my favorites: “I’m blessed to have a wonderful family” “My 16 month old girl learned a new word this week” “We opened our wedding gift” “Got told I was the prettiest girl in the bar” “My sister found a place to live” “I got enough sleep this week” “Friends were very supportive when my dog was sick” “Submitted my research to be presented at a conference” Reminding ourselves of the positive things thatRead More →

3/5/18 How much does it cost to shorten a gown/dress? Cuanto cuesta cortar el ruedo de un vestido? Today we chosen some of the gowns form the Oscar’s 2018 in order to give you an example. Hoy hemos elegido algunos de los vestidos de los Oscar’s 2018 para ejemplificar nuestro comentario. Primeramente recuerda que los precios no estan basados en lo que tu pagaste por el vestido. Segundo, que el tiempo es un factor importante a la hora de determiner el precio. Permite por lo menos 4 semanas para vestido de fiesta y por lo menos 8 semanas para las novias. Cuando te damos unRead More →

2/24/18 I was playing a little bit with a camera that I borrowed, and I ended up with this pic and I realized that this summarizes in a way the concept of my existence. Commitment is what it takes for someone to trust you and that is what I try to show every day with my family, my clients, and my friends. I give my 100% to everyone I encounter.Love is what you can see through my work. Day by day I encounter people from every culture, race, religion and most important taste. They are able to grow my imagination in an unlimited way. ImagineRead More →