How much will my alterations cost?

Unfortunately we cannot give out quotes over the phone or through email. We offer a completely free no-obligation consultation where Maria Luz will personally answer questions about alterations, accessories, style, and more. After your consultation we will give you an exact quote. This quote will include all custom alterations to give you your absolute best fit possible.

When should I schedule an appointment?

Let us preface by saying that Anytime Alterations will always be able to make all necessary alterations before your event date. However, alterations that are needed sooner than our guidelines may be subject to a rush fee.

In general, we recommend these time frames to avoid rush fees:

  • 8 weeks for Wedding Gown Alterations
  • 6 weeks for Graduation Dresses
  • 4 weeks for Bridesmaids Alterations
  • 2 weeks for Basic Alterations – (ex. Blouses, Suits, Jackets)

What should I bring to my appointment?

We recommend bringing any undergarments that you plan on wearing with your garment as well as shoes. Often you may not have the exact shoes you are planning to wear for this event, in this case bring shoes that are of similar height to that of which you are planning to wear.

Note: We will not be able to provide you with an exact fitting for the hem of your dress unless proper shoe wear is brought to your fitting – to avoid this please follow our recommendation to avoid extra fittings.

How many fittings will I need? How much do fittings/appointment cost?

Anytime Alterations does NOT charge for every appointment/fitting. We are here to make you look your BEST and will have as many or as few appointments as you request. Generally you can expect closer to 2-3 appointments total.

I have a favorite ______, can you make me something similar to this?

Often times we have garments that may have sentimental value to us or that we would like to have another pair of. We often replicate certain garments, including but not limited to blouses, pants, jackets, etc. Schedule an appointment with us so that we may plan out a course of action to replicate your favorite items!

Can I use my moms gown even though it’s too small/too big etc.?

These are some of our favorite projects to work on! Often brides would like to use their mother or grandmother’s wedding dress but the dress needs resizing or a more modern style is wanted. We have a lot of experience transforming previously used wedding gowns into a current bride’s dream dress.

Can you MAKE my graduation dress/Bat Mitzvah dress?

Yes of course! Generally these are white dresses that should be made from light comfortable fabric such as cotton in order to maximize wearability for your event date. Bring in some pictures of of your ideal dress and Maria will begin to plan the construction process for you.