My First Post!

My First Post!


I was playing a little bit with a camera that I borrowed, and I ended up with this pic and I realized that this summarizes in a way the concept of my existence.

Commitment is what it takes for someone to trust you and that is what I try to show every day with my family, my clients, and my friends. I give my 100% to everyone I encounter.Love is what you can see through my work. Day by day I encounter people from every culture, race, religion and most important taste. They are able to grow my imagination in an unlimited way.

Imagine for a moment that every time I see you is always through this heart.

This is my 1st blog and I hope you like the many more that are to come.



Para todos aquellos que puedan leer en español: Siempre habrá una nota para ustedes.

Hoy en el comienzo de mi series en blogging quiero darles la bienvenida a mi página, Agradezco a cada uno de ustedes por leer y no está demás decirles que serán bienvenidos cada vez que pasen por mi estudio. El Bog de hoy es para expresarles mis sentimientos al trabajar a diario con cada uno de mis clientes viendo siempre a cada uno atravez del Corazon y poniendo mi amor al trabajo dedicado a ustedes. Si hay algún tema que quisieran que toque, pués solo me lo hacen saber.



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