During the winter months, when wedding season is low, we put our creative side to work and we make veils of various styles and lengths. Although most of the veils we make are made specifically to match a bride’s tastes, most of our pre-made veils are gone by the end of the fall. Below is a sample of some of the veil designs we’ve made in the past.

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Veil Lengths

Veils can be made in a variety of lengths. These are names of some of the common ones with approximate lengths in inches.

  • Birdcage
  • Shoulder:  20″-22″
  • Elbow:  30″-32″
  • Fingertip:  38″-40″
  • Knee:  48″-50″
  • Waltz:  60″
  • Floor:  72″
  • Chapel:  90″
  • Cathedral:  108″+