Yes, we offer the services on cases of more than 10 pieces per visit. Some restrictions apply depending on your location.

Yes, just bring your old garment and we can help you replicate it or even make some changes to it.

In general, we can resize from 2 to 10 or vice versa, just keep in mind you might need to restyle the original garment. Allow at least 2 fittings.

In general, yes. It all depends on the style of the jacket, however. Many leather jackets have zippers or pockets that won’t allow us to move the seams. Bring in your garment and we can discuss the available options.

Sure, just bring the garment and we can schedule a class session for you to complete your own alteration.

Yes, we can shorten your drapes. Just make sure to bring the correct measurements.

Yes, we can help you with almost any zipper. In some cases, the alteration may require time to order specific zippers, so we recommend you account for a possible shipping period.

Yes, just bring a picture or drawing, and we can help you to design the gown and make it for you.

Yes, just let us know what you are interested in learning and we will create a customized lesson plan for you. Just email us at Info@anytimealterations.com for more details.

Yes, we can help you personalize a garment or gift by adding initials or names. Keep in mind we need to see your product/garment to ensure our machinery is compatible. Allow 7 to 10 day for monograming.