Prom Dress FAQs

Although we can of course make a custom dress, in general we recommend to buy a dress and go through the alterations process to provide the best fit. Nowadays, you can find great deals online or even in retail stores, then alter, change or restyle according to your personality. On the other hand, if you have a specific idea for your ideal dress, bring in some pictures or drawings of the dress and we can tailor a customized dress to your form.

We understand that each body and style is different and for this reason we give exact quotes tailored to your individual garment during your free consultation. During the free consultation you may point out any alterations that you would like done and this gives you the opportunity to ask Maria all the questions you have. After Maria has answered all of your questions, she will then give you her expert opinion on how to provide the optimal fit to look your best and you will have the final price at the end of this session.

The duration of the alterations depend on the amount of work needed. We recommend to schedule your free consultation at least 4 weeks before the event in order to avoid rush fees. Please consider common reasons that may delay the alterations process: Dresses bought online that are shipped/arrive late, time needed for searching for the proper shoe-wear that you will wear with dress, and time needed to find proper undergarments.

We ask you to bring the shoes and any special undergarments you are planning to wear. If you are not sure what you need, just bring in the gown and shoes, we will tell you if you may benefit from different undergarments. We also recommend to bring something to hold your hair up to see all of the details on your gown.

Depending on the style of your dress we may be able to resize. However sometimes we may need to change the style of your dress a bit, for that reason we recommend to bring the dress early just in case you need more than one fitting.

We can of course make dresses bigger or smaller, it all depends on the style, color, and fabric. Sometimes letting the seams out is enough, but other times we might need to add fabric or replace panels. Again, it is very important to schedule your free consultation on the earlier side rather than later.

Yes, we will be able to create a bolero jacket and /or any other accessories to match your dress. You must have additional fabric for this. If you currently do not have the extra fabric needed, please share your idea with Maria and she will instruct you on next steps.

In general, yes, we can add sleeves to your dress. In some cases because the armholes are too deep adding sleeves may not be favorable, but please share all ideas with Maria to find the best fit. Again, additional fabric is needed for this.

Yes, we specialize in bead work and details, such as lace, horsehair, and sequins. Any other appliques you might have for decorations are also acceptable.

*As a final note, remember that it’s very important that you ask as many questions as you can even before you purchase your dress. If you are not sure what to buy, sometimes a picture will help to ask for more details. We are here to  help you and make your prom experience a beautiful unforgettable day.

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