Wedding gown FAQ

NOW! Well, you should come as soon as you have your gown with you. We suggest scheduling your first consultation at least 8 weeks before the wedding date to avoid rush fees. However, we are happy to accommodate last minute appointments.

In general you should expect to come at least for two fittings besides your consultation day. You should expect something like this:

  1. Consultation day: We check all possibilities to make your gown compliment you. We talk about every single detail in your gown, we talk about fabric and materials, and pricing too.
  2. 1st fitting day: Here is when you will be able to check the progress since your initial consultation, to ensure the changes made still compliment you (some brides fluctuate in their weight, etc.). By this time you should be able to confirm your shoes/heels so we can finalize the hem length on your gown.
  3. 2nd fitting day: Here is when you can see your final product (minus the pressing of the gown). We suggest you bring the rest of your accessories to put your final look together, in case you want to change any details.
  4. Extra fitting day: Sometimes you might need to come more than 2 times. Depending on the amount of the detailing in your gown, the possible change in style, any changes in your schedule, weather, changes in weight, or any situation that might come up, we try to accommodate as many fittings needed to make the gown the best it can be. We do not charge for the amount of fittings.
  5. Pick up day: In general your “pick up day” is just that. All fittings are complete and the gown is pressed and packaged, so it can be transported for your wedding. If the client has paid to press the gown, we recommend you do not try it on once again, so the gown is in its best condition for the day of wedding. Brides who wish to try on their gown once more, may. However, if they wish to have it pressed once more, an additional fee will be added. We suggest you pick up your gown one or two days before the wedding date to avoid any damage to the gown.

We recommend you bring the following:

  1. A pair of shoes, preferably the ones that you are going to use on the wedding day. If you don’t have you exact shoes yet, bring any other with the same heel size. We will let you know when you need to bring the actual shoes you will use at your wedding.
  2. Any underwear you already purchased, such as bras, petticoats, etc. As with the fabric, we recommend you hold off on purchasing undergarments until you have had your first consultation, to ensure you have the right piece and can avoid returns later.

We have space to accommodate your friends. That said, we recommend no more than two to avoid too many points of view or an overwhelmed bride. Depending on the style of your bustle, you might need someone to attend your final fitting to learn how to bustle your train.

On your first consultation we’ll explain almost every scenario. Unexpected events could happen anytime, such as COVID-19, just contact us as soon as possible to schedule your fitting, and we’ll accommodate the situation. There is always a solution to your concerns, just keep in mind some charges might be necessary.

In short answer YES! Sometimes resizing requires making changes to the style of your gown, but we should be able to confirm this at your very first consultation.

This is up to you, but we recommend not worrying about this until your first consultation or unless you are sure you will need it. We have worked with wedding gowns for more than 30 years and chances are we carry what you need. For specific fabrics, we’ll explain what to buy, if it is necessary.