Standard Alteration FAQs

Shoes: for any garment that requires hemming. More than one pair of shoes is also recommended, in case you are planning to change or use different garments with different sized heels. We do not carry shoes for you to use.

Undergarments: Undergarments affect the fit of clothing on you and how it falls on our person. We carry bra cups in case you garment requires an open back.

Fabric: If you need to replace or add fabric to your garment, you should bring the fabric of your choice. If you are not sure what kind is necessary, its best to attend the consultation to discuss this prior to making your purchase. We will be able to advise you on the fabric or materials you need and or may be able to point you in the right direction.

Pictures: If your garment requires restyling or remodeling, pictures are best to show us your vision.

The sooner, the better. Avoid the rush fees. Do not wait until you get the right shoes, the right moment, or hit your goal weight. We’ll change the garment to fit your needs now. When you come for your consultation, we’ll advise you on how to proceed in order to have your garment fit best and on time

To avoid rush fees: allow 7 to 10 day for regular clothing items such as pants, office dresses, coats, jackets or repairs. Allow 4 weeks for bridesmaids, special occasion gowns, and garments requiring significant resizing.

No job is too small. Here some examples of what we can do for you: replace lost/damaged button, repair tears, patch holes, replace linings, replace panels, removing/add pockets, replace broken/torn zippers, leather repairs, and much more.

In many cases, yes. It all depends on what time you bring in your garment and how intricate the service is. Keep in mind rush fees will apply.